Monday, May 14, 2007

Crape Myrtle

In last week's post on the Penn State Master Gardener blog Karen Bernhard writes, "Crapemyrtle is a really special shrub. That spectacular bloom after many other flowering plants are all through for the season is great! Unfortunately, crapemyrtles are not reliably hardy in Pennsylvania." Take a look at the blog (link above) for more detailed information.

I am very fortunate to have a hardy plant. Unfortunately, I don't know the variety since it was a gift from a neighbor's bush. (There are a few around the neighborhood from the same old bush.) The picture here, from August of last year, shows the great display of blooms.

This crepemyrtle is very slow to wake up in spring. It is just now beginning to leaf out. Hopefully, this year will be another year of spectacular, non-stop bloom from summer to fall.

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Marie said...

Karen Bernhard suggests in the Morning Call Penn State Master gardener blog:

"In response to Marie's question, there seems to be a good discussion and list at this web address:

Lots of information here. Thank you Karen.