Saturday, May 17, 2008

Felicita Garden Resort & Spa

Garden Resort AND Spa! Does it get any better than that?

When we visited with the Bethlehem Garden Club last week, azaleas and viburnum were in full bloom. The Rhododendrons were just coming into bloom. The property covers 800 acres including a golf course, California spa, lodges, dining and banquet facilities and the gardens.

Located 10 miles from Harrisburg, Felicita Garden is owned by PA Attorney and Mrs. Richard Angino. Mr. A, as he is known by the staff, marks plants to be moved or areas for a water feature and the staff takes care of making it happen. Mrs. Angino plans most of the gardens near the house. The gardens are not regularly open to the public, but tours can be arranged.

The Japanese garden near the house is a secluded and tranquil spot with a great views and spectacular plantings.

The Monet Pond’s design had the help of a professional designer as did several other areas on the property. But mostly, the unplanned look is the result of Mr. A’s eye for what looks good, quite a remarkable feat considering the expense of moving huge trees and shrubs and building large water features. Last year Felicita Gardens spent about $100,000 on new shrubs and trees.

Check out the gardens in the attached link. Picture 11 is a view of the formal Grecian Gardens. It is huge (7 acres) and quite amazing. This garden is used for parties, weddings and other formal affairs.

“From 2002 to 2005, the Anginos added five new gardens, including Butterfly, The Park, Perennial, The Secret Garden, and The Great Lawn. In 2006, two more gardens were added plus the new Nature Trail Gardens and par course opened, featuring 30 acres of mature hardwoods and pines underplanted with dogwood, red bud, hawthorn, birch, magnolia, rhododendron, azalea, mountain laurel, viburnum collections, ferns and mosses.”

A buffet lunch was served on the patio of the colonial style golf club. Perfect weather and good company completed an enjoyable tour.

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Hello Marie, thank you for dropping by today and your thoughtful note. The pictures you posted are beautiful. In a few years, when my toddler is big enough, I picture our family visiting the gardens of PA.

Like you i have weeds to pull, annuals to transplant, etc. Good luck to us...

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