Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Belgian Mums

The mum revolution happened without my notice. Developed around 2001, the Belgian mum may be the perfect fall flowering plant. The cold hardy varieties never need pinching back and bloom profusely in a mounded form.

An October 2001 Mississippi State publication is titled “Belgian mums rock the nursery industry.”

According to Jann Eline of Hickory Grove Greenhouses in North Catasauqua, “Belgian mums are an exciting new type of chrysanthemum with hundreds more blooms per plant than traditional mum varieties. An exceptional feature of the Belgian mum is its durability. Belgians have more flexible stems which mean they’re less susceptible to breakage in windy or exposed areas. They do not need to be pinched back during the growing season to maintain their naturally shorter, fuller shape.”

I don’t have any of these super mums. I usually forget to pinch my traditional mums back up to July 4. Or I don’t pinch them back enough. They need to be propped up by bloom time. I think it's time for a trip to Hickory Grove to get some Belgian mums for my garden.
It sounds like a mum dream come true.

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MeMeMe said...

Hi Marie! I love these mums. I need to deadhead my counntry girl mums. pinch them? hmm maybe when my mom arrives next week, we can do them together!

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