Saturday, November 29, 2008

Anti-desiccant Spray

Last week I sprayed an anti-desiccant on the azaleas.
Branches on some of the azaleas in front of the house have been dying off – especially at the top of the taller bushes. I thought they might be getting too much winter wind causing excessive moisture loss. So, for the first time, I used WiltPruf.

The red azalea near the porch looks very bare. It is not a deciduous azalea but it sure looks like one. I don’t know if it will live.

If I plant a new azalea next year I’ll spray before planting to give the roots time to get established. Doug Green suggests spraying evergreens before transplanting or propagation. That sounds like a great tip.

I picked a calm day to spray. Even so, a few light breezes sent the spray up my nose. That can’t be a good thing. At least the spray is labeled “organic” – whatever that means. Finding a calm day in fall is not easy. In spring, I hope to see healthy and happy azaleas.

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Chandramouli S said...

Sorry about your Azalea, but hope it survives the winter.