Saturday, November 01, 2008

Waiting for the Leaves to Fall …

… is like waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The garden is almost all cleaned up for this year. The hostas are frost bit and will soon turn into mush. Being a lazy gardener, I wait for the mush stage and then rake them out of the garden.

The maple and locust trees are still very green. The dogwood leaves have a pretty reddish tint. The sweet shrub is turning yellow. None of them seem to be willing to let go of their leaves. It will be another month until all the leaves are raked, shredded and composted.

The slow-down will help me slip into my Winter-Gardener mode.
The Winter Gardener lives in my mind. The Winter Gardener plans gardens, reads gardening books and catalogues, researches plants and gardening, annoys house plants, visits public gardens and flower shows, studies plants and insects, learns about plant disease, organizes plant files. I’ll have a lot to do this winter.
I hope it doesn’t include shoveling snow.


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Your winter gardener mode is like my inner summer gardener. It is too hot here in the summer to do much in the garden except throw some water on it early in the morning. Now is the time that I am out making good on all those dreams--enlarging beds, making new ones, and plants galore!

Your Fall colors are still looking very pretty.

Marie said...

Thanks, Morning Glories

As I sit here in the freezing north, your blog will be another piece of my winter gardener mode.

It will be great to see your flower beds develop in Texas.