Thursday, January 15, 2009

Garden Blogers Bloom Day - January 2009


Nothing blooming in my house. My garden is mostly brown among the evergreens and snow.
Since nothing is blooming in my garden I thought I’d post some pictures of plants I saw on my vacation – sort of borrowed gardens. Anyway, here are some pretty colors.
I need help with plant identification. If you recognize any of these plants please let me know.

Can you guess where I was?



Chandramouli S said...

What a splash of colors! I'm sure you were somewhere in the tropicals or sub tropicals. Later when I enlarged your pictures, they suggest you were in Hawaii!

Marie said...


Wow, that didn't take long. You are correct. I was on the island of Maui. The scenery was fabulous.

Unknown said...

Great blooms. The 4th photo looks like Red Ixora, the 5th photo looks like a type of Ginger, and the 6th, 7th and 8th photos, (not the tree) look like differents types of Hibiscus, to me.

Marie said...


I was pretty sure of the Ginger and hibiscus. Thanks for the confirmation. I'll have to look up Red Ixora - Thank you!

The picture of the tree isn't very clear but it is a Painted Bark Eucalyptus. It was quite spectacular in person.

Anonymous said...

Where were you on Maui? My in-laws live in Hana part of the year. They just arrived there today, in fact! Fabulous garden being created by my FIL, he works like a maniac, not very laid-back Hawaiian of him! Hope the memory of those beautiful tropical blooms and the warmth of the sun is sustaining you through this cold cold time!

Anonymous said...

PS I am not much of a tropical plant IDer but I'd say you have a few hibiscus there and also a some kind of wild ginger (5th down of the small pics, the spiky upright red flowers).

Marie said...


I took a tour on the road to Hana. I was absolutely blown away. The scenery is awesome.

We couldn't go all the way around - the really rough part was still too muddy.

I envy your in-laws. Temp here tonight will be near zero.


Carol Michel said...

I was going to guess Hawaii. Lots of beautiful blooms there, I hear. Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Marie said...

I believe the first picture is grape orchid. Any confirmation?

Marie said...

Oops. Grape orchid is actually the second picture.

The top picture is one of the largest bougainvillea I have ever seen, I think.