Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Carol at May Dreams Gardens is making me a nervous. On February 12 she posted an All Points Bulletin (APB) to search for her missing crocus.

My crocuses were also missing. I tried not to worry. Carol is zone 5. I am zone 6. So I told myself the crocuses in Carol’s garden were probably hiding out from the cold. Surely mine would appear any minute.

I looked through my photos from last spring. In the pictures, crocus began to bloom by March 14. (Picture here from 3/26/07.) Surely mine would appear any minute.

Finally this week, the tiny spiked leaves are barely visible in their bed. (Click on the picture to enlarge and you may be able to see tiny crocuses relative to a maple helicopter seed pod.)

If the frigid weather continues and the crocuses take it on the lam, I’ll be searching again - APB and all. And surely mine will appear any minute.

Carol, I hope the APB works!

(Crocus information from around the world and through the centuries available from Oxford Journal of Experimental Biology.)


Chandramouli S said...

Good luck with your crocuses! The tips of the crocus leaves in my pots are turning brown. Is that normal? Or are they getting too much sun? I'm not worried of losing them all, which I hate to, coz they were gifted to me by my sis.

Marie said...


I have never had a problem with too much heat for my crocuses in zone 6 :-) .

I'm sure it's possible for heat/sun to burn the leaves. I have had leaves on potted bulbs turn brown from too much water.

Good luck.

Carol Michel said...

The APB worked for me. My first crocuses showed up on Feb. 28th. However they are mostly buds, closed tight because it has been so cold lately. Hopefully, by the weekend it will have warmed up enough that they will finally open!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Marie said...


Five inches of snow covered the crocuses on Monday. They may be out of sight but they are not out of mind! The next few days above freezing temperatures should make them visable again.

I hope they are enjoying their little game of hide and seek!