Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Planning for Vegetables

Have you started planning for spring? I picked up a bunch of seed packs last weekend. Everything except sweet peppers will be planted directly in the garden or in containers.

I haven’t started plants from seeds indoors for years. When we moved into this house many years ago, I found growing from seed didn’t work as well as it did in the old house. I soon realized it was more efficient to buy plants. Well, I’m going to give it another try. I’ll start small with just sweet peppers and see how it goes. I’ll use grow lights. Hopefully, I’ve gained enough gardening knowledge and experience to be successful this year.

Here are the seeds I picked up.

Vegetable Seeds

Oregano (organic) Sweet Basil Ocimum basilicum
Basil - Mammoth
Carrot - Royal Chantenay
Parsley – Forest Green
Lettuce – Salad Bowl
Lettuce – Oakleaf
Lettuce – Prizehead
Lettuce – Black Seeded Simpson
Radish – Early Scarlet Globe
Pepper – Early Sunsation (yellow sweet pepper)

Flower Seeds

Zinnia – Cupidon
Zinnia – Giant Flowered Mix
Sunflower – Chianti Hybrid

I’m going to plant the herbs and some lettuce in the fish boxes I picked up last November. My next step is finding places for the other vegetables in the flower garden. Yes, that’s right. I plan to put vegetables amid the flowers. We’ll see how that works.


Chandramouli S said...

We never plant indoors - everything's goes straight out here and since I grow in containers, I sow them whenever I feel like!

Marie said...

It must be nice to plant any time.

Here we have a growing season from the middle of May to the Middle of September. In order to have vegetables produce in that time, we have to start seeds early so the plants have time to mature outdoors.

I will need to plant pepper seeds indoors about the middle of March.

LeatherneckJoe said...

Buying potted plants will save you 2-3 weeks of gardening time. Garden Harvest Supply is a good online resource for potted vegetable plants.

Unknown said...

I've just discovered you, Marie! I garden in center-city Bethlehem in a space 40x40'. That's pretty much the whole yard, but it's my imaginary acre. Here's my favorite basil-on-a-budget trick. I buy a pot of little basil plants at Wegmans (about $1.99). I saturate the soil and carefully cut the mass of plants into about 6-8 pieces. From these pieces you can carefully tease out the roots of many little plants. Last year I filled 2 big pots with basil plants using this method. Dontcha just love a bargain? Nancy

Marie said...

Hi Nancy,

So nice to meet you.

Thanks for the basil tip! I'll try it. What a great way to save gardening dollars.

Think Spring!!