Saturday, March 28, 2009


Mariposa, Freckles, Mama Mia, Velvet Lime (free), Rustic Orange

I ordered coleus on March 13 from Rosy Dawn Gardens. They arrived March 25.

They arrived neatly packed in cardboard tubes in a USPS mail box. The plants, roots and all, were about 5 or 6 inches - large healthy plants. The shipment included a free plant.
The little rootballs were wrapped in cellophane and taped shut. When I unwrapped them, the rootballs were moist. It was one of the best packaging from an online nursery that I’ve received.

To me it felt like Christmas morning. I am an admitted coleac. You can search this blog by typing “coleus” in the search box to see how I’ve used them in the garden. And how many times I’ve written about them. It’s a little embarrassing.

As with a lot of addicts, I had a pusher. My friend Myra started the addiction with her large collection of coleus. She extolled the virtues of this plant – easy to propagate, easy to grow, gorgeous colors. She gave me a few cuttings and a few plants.

And, the rest is history as they say.


Kathy said...

will try to remember that nursery, but do you have the varieties? I will put them in my list of plants to order next year. love your coleus. we are growing two varieties from the wizard series: Red Velvet and Pineapple. I love them because they are so hardy and brighten up the darkest shadiest places that we have on campus.

Chandramouli S said...

How lucky to have online nurseries! Good luck with your Coleus!

Marie said...


The coleus I bought were Mariposa, Freckles, Mama Mia, Velvet Lime (free), Rustic Orange. All are sun tolerant and medium or large size.

The web site includes a selection guide that lists sun tolerance, size and growing habits of the plants.


Thanks. I can't wait to plant them in the garden at the beginning of May.

Kathy said...

oh thank you for responding...

Matriarchy said...

I like coleus, too! I usually buy new ones each year, but last year I took cuttings and rooted them in water on the back of my sink. Then I killed them last week, accidentally, after they made it all winter. I knocked over the containers and didn't notice until they were dead. Bummer. Two begonia cuttings were unscathed.

That's why I like sedums so much - they survive outdoors all winter, no matter what I do to them.

Marie said...


Oh that's too bad about your cuttings. I've had the fall out of the water but I saw them before they dried out. I stuffed them back in the water and they were OK. Oh well, better luck next year.

I like sediums too. They really are indistructible, aren't they?