Saturday, April 04, 2009


Marvelous spring weather between rainy days, gave me a chance to spread compost this week.

I have a small compost bin and a pile of shredded leaves.

I removed the top layer of un-composted material from the bin. Then I shoveled the beautiful black gold into a wheelbarrow and spread it around the lilac/shade garden and pussy willow/sun garden.

When the spreading was done, I put the top layer of un-composted material back in the compost bin to start another pile. I’ll add kitchen scraps, garden waste, and coffee grounds throughout the summer. Last fall’s shredded leaves will be added when I need “brown” material. I’ll turn it with a pitch fork from time to time. I’ll add water when it looks dry.

Five wheelbarrows of compost didn’t go far. I’ll spread mulch next week. I put mulch and compost on the garden every year. The mulch also decomposes and improves the soil making it dark and loamy. I have reduced the need for fertilizer.

The plants are happy. The gardener is happy.

(Planet Natural’s “Composting 101” contains a lot of information on composting. This site also has organic supplies for sale. I have never ordered from them. If you have placed an order with Planet Natural, please comment and share your experience. )


Chandramouli S said...

[taking in deep breath] Ahh! I can almost smell that compost! I love that fresh smell of the earth! Go Green!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

I love compost, and leaves! This gardener can't get enough of either, and the garden feels the same, I do believe.

Marie said...


Only a gardener will understand that compost and earth are the true smells of spring. Hyacinths are also nice. :-)


Isn't it great to see improving the soil also improves plant growth. It makes the work well worth it. Better than an gym membership!