Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dividing Perennials

I divide perennials and pot volunteers in spring. It’s a spring ritual that is a little time consuming but very gratifying.

The following list of potted plants contains - plants that have spread too far:

- 4 ‘Sheffield Pink’ mum
- 3 'Clara Curtis' mum
- 1 Lily of the valley
- 10 black-eyed Susan
- 6 purple cone flower
- 1 tiger lily
- 3 rhubarb
- 4 periwinkle

plants that have produced too many seedlings:

- 5 Lenten Rose
- 5 Johnny Jump-ups

and a plant in the wrong place (too much sun):

- 2 large hosta

The plants that have spread too far were dug out from the edges of the main plant and potted. The seedlings were dug up and potted. The large hosta was completely dug out and chopped in quarters with a hatchet. Two pieces were planted in the shade in my garden. Two were potted.

I put the plants in pots with extra soil. I water them well – I mean really soak them until water runs out of the pot. I want to make sure the soil gets around the roots. I started dividing at the beginning of April. By now they all look good and are ready to be planted.

Except for the two hostas that I planted in my shade garden, all the plants are promised to other gardeners. I love being able to share plants with friends.

(More information on “Dividing Perennials” from Clemson University Extension.)


Robin said...

If you have leftover Coneflower and Black Eyed Susans, we have a community garden at Friendship Park that would be perfect for them.

Marie said...

All potted divisions are promised so far. I may be able to find a few more. Where is Friendship Park?

donna said...

I'll be right over to pick up a pot of rhubarb:) We love eating rhubarb everything in this house. I shared a few of my perennials last spring....feels good to do that, doesn't it? Interesting post.

Marie said...

Thanks Donna,

If you ever get to this part of Pennsylvania, I promise to get you a piece of that rhubarb.

Marie said...


Thanks for the info on Friendship Park, formerly Tank Park. I lived in the area for a short time while growing up.

I'll deliver Cone Flowers and Black-eyed Susans next week. Good luck with the project.