Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lenten Rose

Lenten Rose Helleborus orientalis ‘Royal Heritage’
In 2002, I planted two Helleborus orientalis ‘Royal Heritage’. I tried to pick a spot in the garden so I wouldn’t have to move them. I was more careful than usual selecting a place in the garden because I read that they are slow to recover when moved.

I chose a mostly shaded spot next to a garden path. The evergreen leaves show up well near the path during the brown winter months. The area is well drained and the soil is probably average. A little gardening luck and they have been happy there.

There is a difference in color between the two ‘Royal Heritage’ plants. One is a light pinkey/lilac the other is a darker purple. I’ve read that this color variation is not unusual. So if you plan to buy one it may be good idea to buy a plant in bloom.

The plants are not hard to care for. I haven’t watered or fed them since the first year.
I cut off last year’s leaves on February 23. I could see buds forming. The plants were full of buds by the beginning of March and in full bloom by the end of March. Flowers will last at least into May. This year I’ve potted some re-seeded plants for friends.

I’m delighted that I really got the right plant in the right place this time.
(More information from Cornell University.)


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

They are beautiful. I googled them, and they do well in my zone (8b), so guess I will just have to put another one on my plant wish list!

Marie said...


I agree they are beautiful. They are slow growing but worth the wait I think. I wish you were back in the Lehigh Valley so I could share some baby plants with you.

Kathy said...

I planted my 4 in potted plant last spring. It came up again this year but is a little farther behind than your pictures. Since it only gets Northern sun, I guess it is slow to warm up. Wondering if it will bloom this year?