Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Sound of Water


I love the sound of water in a garden. Our oriental garden, near the deck, seemed like a perfect place for the sound of water.

In 2000 we put in a small bubbler fountain. This year we needed to replace it. The stainless steel mesh we used to support the rocks disintegrated.

Originally we dug a hole and inserted a 2’ diameter container made for water gardens and a small pump. In a do-it-yourself, learn-as-you-go mode we used the mesh supported by an old plastic milk crate to hold the weight of the rocks. I purchased river rocks from a local Landscape Products Company and arranged them to look like a dry stream bed.

All went well for nine years. Then the bottom dropped out, literally.

So, this year, we removed all the rocks, bought a grate made for bubbler fountains and put all the rocks back in place.

Once again we have the tranquil sound of running water in the garden. Once again the birds are bathing happily.


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

So lovely, Marie. I can almost hear the water bubbling through the rocks. I'd say 9 years was a pretty good run for your last set-up. Here's hoping the new one will last twice as long!

Marie said...

Thanks MG,

I hope it lasts twice as long too. I don't look forward to moving all those rocks again.

We had to do it one other time when DH put anti-freeze in it for the winter. The rocks were covered by thick layer of clear, plastic-looking goo by spring. Now we just let the fountain run all winter and it's fine. We also replaced the pump once.

Re-doing the fountain is a tedious job but when I hear the sound of running water, I know it's worth the effort.

Chandramouli S said...

There's nothing cooler than a water feature in a garden, Marie. Yours look cool.

Marie said...

Thank you, CS