Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rain Days Update

We continue to work in the garden between rain showers and storms.

The lilacs and other early spring blooming shrubs have been trimmed. Beaten by the rain, the peonies didn’t get a chance to put on their usual show. I sadly cut all the spent blooms yesterday.

But the rain has created a lush garden – a lot of flowers are happily blooming. The snapdragons from last year are in full bloom.

The Mock Orange (Philadelphus coronaries) fills the air with its orange blossom scent. (An interesting post on Mock Orange by Michele Owens at Garden Rant.)


The red and white Astilbe blooms in the shade garden. The lilac and pink Astilbes are forming buds. They all love the damp conditions.

Red Hot Poker (Kniphofia uvaria) has more blooms than usual at the corner of the garden.

The little shrub rose (Town & Country ‘Nashville’) holds up well against the rain. The constant damp weather creates an ideal condition to spread black spot but this little rose is rarely bothered by it.

A testament to rainy days, mushrooms grow in the mulch and lawn.

The weeds continue to appear throughout the garden. But the soft, damp soil is perfect for pulling them out. I’ve been wandering through the garden every clear day pulling weeds as I go. I keep telling myself it’s good exercise.

I hope the spring rain continues through the summer.


Kathy said...

This rain has made transplanting something easy... usually, I am hoping and praying. Ah, but all good things come to an end. Your garden looks beautiful.

Marie said...

Thanks ksr,

You are so right. I planted two new shrubs the other day. Even though I had to remove sod, it was easy in the soft, damp soil.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

I do hope for your sake the rains continue for you through Summer. We are stuck in a typical Summer weather pattern of near triple digit temperatures, with no rain in sight. We are so looking forward to vacation time.

Marie said...

I can't even imagine triple digit temperatures. Now that's HOT. When it reaches 90 here I'm ready to head for the beach!