Saturday, June 06, 2009

Roses in June

June is the month for roses. But, this week’s rain has definitely put a crimp in my rose viewing pleasure.

I snapped a few pictures between rainy days.

Rose ‘Blaze’ (above) has bright red blooms every year. It’s an outstanding color. We’ve seen people stop and take pictures with the roses as a background. It’s been in the family for two generations – propagated by burying part of a cane. I remember having the red roses in a vase at my graduation party. Family lore says it was originally liberated from Bethlehem’s Nisky Hill Cemetery.

Rose ‘Madam Isaac Pereire’

Black Spot

I do the best I can to prevent black spot. I use compost tea on the roses every two or three weeks. I spray canes and leaves with baking soda water in early spring and several times during the year - (1 gallon water, 2 tbs. baking soda, few drops of dish soap). I change the top layer of mulch in spring and fall. I make an effort to keep the beds free of fallen leaves and water only in the morning with a soaker hose.

Rose ‘Mrs. Baker’

I try to stay relaxed about black spot. If the roses get a little black spot it doesn't seem to cause permanent damage. The roses are healthy and there are plenty of other flowers in the garden by the time black spot appears.

Knock Out roses are supposed to be disease resistant. I’ve wanted to try a Knock Out rose for years. I have also wanted to add a yellow rose to the garden.

A $5 off sale at the local nursery on the new ‘Sunny Knock Out’ clinched the deal. Although the bright yellow roses fade to pale cream, the saving grace may be their fragrance. I can’t wait to see how it performs this summer.

I don't think 'Sunny Knock Out' will be any competition to the family status of ‘Blaze’ but it should be a nice addition to the rose bed.

(More information on black spot from Doug Green and from Virginia Cooperative Extension,)

(Background in the top picture is for Donna at
Mama Mia Days.)


donna said...

Oh, my gosh. So happy I checked your blog today and I'll have to get my husband in here to take a look. The picture is stunning, both the roses and the Corvette. And are those lilacs blooming in the background? And Coral Bells down in front of the fence? There's something about seeing a white fence that always makes me wish I had one.

Marie said...

Hi Donna,

I'm glad you like the picture! :-)

The pink bush in the background is what we call "The Pink Bush". We have one in our yard too. It was here when we moved in so I really don't know what it is. (If anyone recognizes it, please let me know.)

The small plant in front of the fence is Dicentra 'Luxuriant' - an ever-blooming bleeding heart.

I'm happy you stopped by today. I've been plotting to get that picture posted all week.