Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - July 2009

So many garden writers post beautiful pictures of their garden blooms each month for Carol’s May Dreams Garden bloom day. I challenged myself to pick one favorite bloom from my garden this month. It was tough choice but I picked Lillium ‘American Dream’.

Every year neighbors stop by to see its spectacular bloom.

Dave’s Garden page suggests the height to be 4 to 6 feet. The lily in my garden is 8 ft tall with 50 to 60 blooms. It is extremely fragrant – a delight when we sit on the deck.

I planted one bulb May 2003. It now has 25 growing stems - 8 are flowering.

I feel extremely fortunate to have selected a spot where it continues to thrive. Sometimes a gardener just gets lucky!

(I will be on vacation until Wednesday, July 29. I’ll keep up with fellow garden bloggers but I won’t be able to post until then. I have some posts in the works from my garden and maybe I’ll have some good stuff to bring back with me.)


healingmagichands said...

Aren't lilies wonderful? I wish I had planted mine right by my pergola. I have to go all the way out by the barn to smell mine. But they do multiply so wonderfully, as you pointed out. I could move some.

I really love the picture with the adorable model giving scale.

Marie said...

My model is an 11-year-old ball of fire. She makes me smile all the time.

Katxena said...

That's an amazing lilly!

Julia Erickson said...

What a lily!

Rosemary Waigh said...

That is not only the biggest lily I've ever seen, it's also incredibly beautiful.

Marie said...

Thank you all.

It is an amazing lily.

~~Rhonda said...

The lily is amazing! Beautiful and thriving so nicely. I have an 11 year old model at my house, too. :) Life is more challenging but a lot more fun because of her. Our four other "models" are 22 through 30, and gone from home, so DD keeps us going. ~~Rhonda :)

Marie said...

Three and a half acres! Thank goodness for Eliot! Even so it must keep you very busy. LOL

What goreous gardens and property you have!

donna said...

You really know how to save the best blooms for GBBD. Holy smokes, that's gorgeous. You know what I like even better than your 'American Dream'? That cute gal posing next to it. This might be a stupid question, but at 8' tall does it have to be staked? I don't see one. I hate having to stake plants.

Marie said...

Thanks. She is a cutie and a sweetheart.

I don't stake the lily. I may have to tie it back next year because it's getting close to the walk. Rubbing against the flower puts nasty stains on your clothes - not a nice thing to do to unsuspecting visitors.

Scattered Gardener said...

Hello Marie, thanks for dropping by to my GBD patch. How restrained you are to show just one plant - but what a whopper! Only my sunflowers reach anything near that height and number of blooms.
Thanks for sharing this fabulous flower (and the fabulous little one next to it). Enjoy your holiday!

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

That is one happy Lily--and beautiful too.