Saturday, September 12, 2009


Bringing in the houseplants in fall

All the houseplants that spent the summer outside are now safely tucked away in the house. When the temperature outside goes below 60 degrees at night, I know it’s time to bring in the houseplants.

The coleus cuttings will be houseplants until May. I start them in water. I know they can also be started directly in soil but water works for me. After they grow roots, I’ll pot them up. They will spend the winter under lights. I’ll do another batch of cuttings from them in late winter.

The Christmas cactus needed to be trimmed. After a light haircut, I rinsed the leaves with a sprayer on the hose. I sprayed with my homemade baking soda/dish soap/water solution (1 gallon water, 2 tablespoons baking soda and a little dish soap). I put them in a little used, cool room that gets no artificial light. I’ll wait for blooms to start in November.

The amaryllis is taking its yearly nap. They rest under the table in the same cool room as the Christmas cactus. I brought them in about the middle of August and stopped watering. I’ll take off the leaves as they die back. If there are any green leaves left by the end of September, I’ll cut them off. I’ll add soil and start to water lightly after thanksgiving for March blooms.


The tuberose was disappointing again this year – no blooms. They are still growing in a sunny window. I’ll soon let the foliage die back and give them the same treatment as the amaryllis. Next year I’ll plant them in a larger pot and hope for fragrant blooms.

It’s sad to think about the end of summer but now I have one more chore checked off my long fall list. We had a good rain yesterday so I can get back to weeding, trimming and pulling. And then there’s the new garden – more about that later.


donna said...

Now I know who to go to with houseplant questions. Alley Cat has done a hatchet job on most of the few pathetic looking houseplants I have. The coleus cuttings look so pretty in the glass containers sitting on the window sill. I've always wanted a Christmas cactus. And I'd like to do some bulb forcing. Nice post.

Kathy said...

you are a bit west... but i am not ready to think of what is really only weeks away. this year, summer went by so quickly. i am hopeful for an indian summer.

Marie said...

Thank you Donna!

Cats will be cats -- which is great -- with certain exceptions. My collection of glass containers let me watch for root growth. I always enjoy having colorful coleus cuttings on the windowsill. The houseplants help me pretend I'm gardening in the winter.

Marie said...

I'm with you! Indian summer would be great.

joene said...

Your photo of the plant cuttings reminds me that I need to collect some coleus cuttings for indoor plants ... thanks.

Marie said...

My cuttings now all have roots so its time to put them in pots. We have until about October 15 until the frost kills all the annuals. So I'd better get out there soon if I want any more cuttings.