Thursday, October 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - October 2009

I’ll share a few October blooms with you and peek into other gardens through Carol’s May Dreams Gardens. Thank you, Carol, for hosting this monthly event.

The snapdragons and alyssum (above) fill in between Dusty Miller and herbs.

An electric blue Lobelia volunteer at the end of a window box of parsley

Rose colored mum – another volunteer

Mom’s mum - transplanted from her garden years ago

Dead Nettle (Lamium)

Purple Cleome

White cosmos

Pink Cosmos


"Just before the death of flowers,And before they are buried in snow,There comes a festival seasonWhen nature is all aglow."- Author Unknown


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Your blooms are beautiful and plentiful. There is much truth to your quote. The garden seems to peak right before a killing frost.

Marie said...

The bright colors seem even more vibrant in the fall air. The quote seems even more appropriate with the weather forecast for rain/snow here in the valley tonight.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a gorgeous Lobelia. You were very wise to allow it to volunteer!

Marie said...

Thanks Gayle,
I'm glad I didn't mistake the lobelia for a weed and pull it out. I don't think I noticed it until it bloomed.

maria cecilia said...

Hello, it´s so nice to come back to your blog and see how your garden is doing in autumn time... wonderful!!
Come and see how my wisteria is in full bloom now that we are in springtime.
María Cecilia

Marie said...

Maria Cecilia,
The pictures of your garden are beautiful. You are a very talented photographer as well as gardener. The Wisteria and Jasmine make me impatient for spring.

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Good morning Marie, love your autumn garden with sweet sweet mums. Nice words as well although the word 'aglow'I didn't understand.
Have a great weekend/ Tyra

Marie said...

I was enchanted by your pictures of your garden. Another word for aglow is bright or shining.
Thank you for your comment. Happy GBBD.

donna said...

I especially like the photo with the snaps and pretty. The blue lobelia in that white window box is stunning. Next year I hope to remember to plant nasturtium. Very nice quote at the end of your post. Sorry it took me so long to visit your GBBD post.

Marie said...

The snaps and alyssum reseeded. Thank you mother nature. I added lobelia to my list for next year. Another stoke of luck from mother nature - seeds in my dirt pile? The nasturtum was a gift. I'll look for them next year too.

I haven't finished looking into other gardens on Carol's GBBD post. It's an enjoyable trip through 120 gardens.