Saturday, April 10, 2010


From this

to this

and this. (The upside down pot marks the place for the little pink azalea’s new home.)

My friend, Cindie, stopped by and helped get some of my plants dug and divided. Don’t you love when a friend is also a gardener? We got the hosta divided into 4 pieces and replanted. Cindie is dynamite with a shovel!

We dug some Tansy for Cindie’s garden.

And potted the Red hot poker.

We also removed some Lily of the Valley, Dead Nettle (Lamium) and False Forget-Me-Not (Brunnera). An altogether good work day. Thank you Cindie.


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Your side garden in front of the air conditioner is going to look great this summer. How nice to have a gardening friend to help out--and it looks like she was richly rewarded with plants to take home. That is the best!

Marie said...


I was very happy to see her. She is always so full of energy and positive vibes! She took home a bunch of plants and planted them the same day.

donna said...

Working in the garden with a friend sounds delightful. Getting your hands dirty together is a bonding experience.

This post reminds me that I have hostas to divide and other perennials to move.

Looking forward to meeting your little pink azalea.


donna said...

Forgot to say....thank you for visiting Phillip's blog and leaving a comment. He'll be here on Sunday to read all the comments. Nice of you.


Marie said...

Phillip's blog is refreshing and delightful! I enjoy reading his posts.

The little pink azelia is alive. I'm hoping to see some growth soon. Keeping my fingers crossed!