Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Lenten Rose Seedlings

Helleborus ‘Royal Heritage’™

In 2002 I planted 2 ‘Royal Heritage’ Hellebores – one on each side of the path. They were in bloom when I bought them. The colors are slightly different. They have grown well.

The Hellebore on the east side of the path is surrounded by hundreds of seedlings. Two are mature enough to bloom.

The Hellebore on the west side of the path (about 3 feet away) does not have any seedlings.

The no seedling site may get slightly less light and water. The soil may be slightly more acidic. It’s hard to measure a difference in microclimate.



shari said...

I love helleborus... my neighbor has some in her yard that are doing really well... I didn't see these as much when I lived in California. They're gorgeous!

donna said...

My hellebores are not blooming and that's because I never get around to planting them. ha-ha They are always on my "wish list", but then I never follow through and buy any.


Marie said...

Hi Shari,
I enjoyed looking at your blog. I want to read through it this afternoon. I'm on my way to help with spring cleanup at Serenity Gaden. You should come and dig a bunch of hellebores seedlings out of my garden.

Marie said...

I tried to wish Phillip a happy birthday but something happened to the comment. Happy belated birthday Phillip! I keep checking Coo Coo kid for a new post. :-)