Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Garden Visit

I love visiting gardens – what gardener doesn’t? This week I visited Sharon & Ron’s amazing home and garden.

Rocks from around the world as well as local stones, brick and slate are meticulously set by Ron. Paths, borders and patios create a continental feeling. Hundreds of evergreens propagated by Ron fill the property and form the more formal front garden.

The perennial garden, designed and cared for by Sharon, creates a romantic spot. I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time in this garden. I’ll have to wangle an invitation to spend more time there.

With so much to see, I couldn’t absorb it all in my several trips around the garden.
The details in this garden are surprising and extraordinary – from fountains and sculptures expertly placed to a sedum garden in a sunny spot.

Years of time, labor and love have created an inspiring garden. Sharon and Ron are so enthusiastic about their gardens that the tour became more exciting with each plant and stone.

What a boost for my gardening enthusiasm! In fact, I came home and immediately hoed my entire front garden. (I have blisters to prove it.)


Matriarchy said...

I love their sedum garden! Do you know if they made their own planters?

I've been collecting more sedums, and I want to do something cool with them.

Marie said...

I believe most of them are hypertufa. I'll find out and post their reply.

This entire garden is uniquely imaginative.

Marie said...

Sharon said, "Yes they are hypertufa." She uses "old bowls, flower pots, cardboard boxes, anything that you like the shape of."

I know they have classes at Point Phillip Perennials and there are some online sites with instructions and recipies.

Hope this helps.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Lovely gardens--thank you so much for sharing.