Wednesday, September 03, 2008


My Hydrangea ‘Venice’ bloomed this year in mixed colors on the same bush.

(see July 28, 2008 post)

“The color this year goes from pink through lilac to purple. I never know what color it will be. Last year it was a bright pink. (see July 25, 2007 post) It is full of blooms. I mean FULL of blooms. The leaves are barely visible.”

The picture above was taken August 29, 2008. The last bloom is a striking deep blue.

According to Hydrangea website,

”. . . hydrangeas often change color on their own when they are planted or transplanted. It is not unusual to see several different colors on one shrub the next year after planting.”

This hydrangea was planted 4 years ago. I guess it’s possible that it is still adjusting.

Has anyone else had different colors on the same bush? I can hardly wait to see what happens next year.

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