Saturday, September 20, 2008

Squirrel Food

Our dogwood trees (Cornus florida) are full of pretty red fruit. The fruit, called a drupe, is also called stone fruit and is akin to a peach, plum or cherry.

I imagine snowy winter days with the tree’s graceful structure dotted in bright red fruit.

However, it’s not to be. Every evening we hear a faint crack, crack, crack. The squirrels sit in the tree, split open the fruit and eat the seeds.

By the time the last leaf drops, the tree will be stripped clean.

So it goes.


MeMeMe said...

Hi Marie, Hmm. I don't even know if my dogwood bears fruit. I noticed though that it had a few blossoms, this week! It bloomed in the spring, did you get blooms again lately? My dogwood is only 4 years old.

Marie said...

Hi Jeannie,

I have never had a dogwood bloom in fall. I have seen magnolias re-bloom around here.

I guess it could be weather related. Although I don't know that end-of-summer weather has been much different this year.

Anyone else have a dogwood that re-bloomed?