Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Praying Mantis

I’ve always found Praying Mantis (Praying Mantid) fascinating. As kids we would squeal and drag anyone who would listen into the garden to see the “big bug”.

They are huge (for an insect) and strange looking. Their prayer posture makes them look unassuming. They eat other bugs. Unfortunately they don’t discriminate between good bugs and bad bugs (or relatives). They will sit still and let you take their picture. .

Here are some fun facts from Oregon State University 4H publication:

- Mantids have five eyes—two compound (with multiple lenses) and three simple.
- Mantids are successful hunters 85 percent of the time.
- Praying mantids got their name because it looks like they are praying when they rub their front legs together.
- Mantids are the only insects that can look over their shoulder. A praying mantis can turn its head more than 180 degrees and can see movement up to 60 feet away.
- Female praying mantids sometimes eat males after mating.

More information on Praying Mantis from Cornell Extension.



donna said...

Interesting facts about the mantids and the photo is amazing. Red coleus, right?

Females eating the males after that's a really interesting fact. lol


Marie said...

Red Colius, right! It made a spectacular background for the mantid.