Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Right Plant/Right Place

(Spring - crocus at the top of the bank.)
Kay Johns spoke at the Bethlehem Garden Club meeting this week. Kay and her husband Herb own Point Phillips Perennials in Danielsville, Pa.

Kay’s talk “Perennials: Right Plant/Right Place” included:

Sun Loving Drought Tolerant Plants
Sun and Moisture Loving Plants
Shade Loving Drought Tolerant Plants
Shade and Moisture Loving Plants
Sun and Moisture Loving Drought Tolerant Plants
Shade and Moisture loving Drought Tolerant Plants

Her informative and fascinating talk started by stressing the need to know the soil moisture during the winter as well as the summer. In some areas of the garden, snow cover keeps the soil wet in winter. If the plant can’t take the winter moisture it may rot.

Ms. Johns provided a list of specific plants for each condition. It was another reminder to do the research to save time, money and the environment.

Experience has taught me to follow the “after established” caveat when planting drought tolerant perennials. A new plant may need to be watered into October or November depending on weather. Planting in July requires more frequent deep watering than the same plant planted in September. New perennials, trees or shrubs may need to be watered for one or even two or three years. Once established, drought tolerant perennials may not bloom generously during a dry, hot summer but they should survive.
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