Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flower Show Plants

Every year I come home with a few plants from the vendors at the Philadelphia Flower Show. It’s a tradition.
This year I brought home 2 fuchsia plants and 6 tuberose bulbs. I was very frugal. Some years I had to leave the show because I couldn’t carry any more plants.

Fuchsia - ‘Swingtime’ and ‘Lena’

Philadelphia Flower Show is the only place I have found 3 inch pots of fuchsia. Local nurseries sell huge hanging baskets full of monster plants. I need small plants. (There’s that need word again.)
I’ll transplant them into 4 inch pots when they get a little bigger. (At least 2 weeks before I put them outside). The 4 inch pots will fit in the wrought iron pot hangers on the shepherd’s hook at the entrance to our deck.

Right now I have these little plants under lights. I’ll feed them every two weeks. Pinch back every second set of leaves. I’ve already taken two cuttings to root. The rooted cuttings will be planted in other porch pot planters.

Flower World USA details fuchsia care.

‘Hawaiian Double Pearl’ Tuberose

We all know how much I need Tuberose. I’ll plant the six bulbs in pots at the end of March. The pots will move to our sunny deck when the nights are reliably at least 60 degrees.
Hopefully, at the end of summer heavenly aroma will surround us.

I received a free bottle of “Hawaiian Flower Magic” (9-18-9) fertilizer and two free bulbs with the tuberoses. I don’t know what the free bulbs are. It will be fun to plant them and see what happens.

Old House Gardens has information on growing Tuberoses.

So, plants are growing, cuttings are rooting, seeds are planted and I'm a happy gardener again.


Chandramouli S said...

Spring makes a gardener real busy and that shows! I love the fuchsia blooms. Great find!

Kathy said...

If you ever want a place to start planting or get your gardening thing going, let me know. We might not be that far away in Coatesville, PA.

Marie said...

CS and ksr,

Spring is indeed a busy time. I spent about 4 hours this afternoon in the garden pruning and cleaning up. PA is having some great spring gardening weather right now.