Saturday, August 18, 2007

Garden Maintenance

It’s been a busy week in the garden. I’ve started taking cuttings from the coleus, impatiens and fuchsia for next year. I sprayed the amaryllis and brought them in to dry for the dormant period. (see February 24, 2007 post.) The poinsettia was trimmed, sprayed and also brought in. I finished mulching; dead headed cone flowers, hosta, astilbe, liatris and annuals that needed it; potted some plants for friends. I trimmed the overgrown alyssum, pussy willow and roses. Weeded and watered. I spent a lot of time enjoying the garden.

Last year red/white impatiens made a nice bright spot beneath the red bud tree. This spring I planted some orange variegated coleus and salmon impatiens and the spot is even brighter.

I plant annuals in this spot to hide the daffodil leaves after they bloom. It’s fun to change annuals and see the difference it makes. It depends somewhat on the color of the cuttings I’ve grown over the winter.

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Anonymous said...

Just love it! That's the way I used to garden--only I was not so
knowledgeable. Thanks.