Saturday, August 25, 2007


“What’s your favorite tomato?”

Penn State Master Gardener Coordinator Sue Drabic posed this question in her August 20 blog and got some interesting answers.

I grow one tomato plant each year – usually a beefsteak. This year’s selection was sold as “The World’s Largest Tomato”. Who could resist? I don’t have any information on this tomato but I know it’s a long time to harvest. We got our first ripe tomato last week. The taste is good, the texture is meaty and one slice will cover a slice of bread. But it’s a long time to wait for a ripe tomato. I would like to find a large tomato with a shorter time to harvest.

I found some good tomato information - everything from varieties to recipes - at the University of Illinois Extension site - Should help me make a selection for next year.

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